Mediterranean style


I can feel the heat as a type this. It’s so nice here and I really enjoy every minute of it. This trip was not long time planed, it came out of nowhere but I’m so glad that I decided to come here. I’m currently in Monte Negro, relaxing and enjoying my vacation. There are so many beautiful places here so I needed to share my experience with you and show you my favorite Summer outfits. So I’ll share with place where I stay. This place has an amazing view of the ocean. Everything looks so relaxing from here, I could stay here forever.

An outfit for today is very light , ideal for Summer. It’s very comfortable and you can explore and still be in style. White shirt is a must have, and I paired it with beige trousers and dark brown loafers. There is also a fedora hat to protect you from the sun and to complete your Mediterranean style.

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Stay tuned there will be more summer looks for you, I plan to explore more and show you beauty of Monte Negro. Enjoy your summer. Enjoy your life.



Blue lagoon makeup look


Hello mu lovies! It’s summer, best time of the year. The sun is shining, everything is bright and fun. Summer is the best time for pool parties and parties in general. So I was inspired to create a fun look, and my inspiration came from cocktails, blue lagoon in general. It’s super fun and bright and you can match your makeup with your drink, cool, right? I started this look with eye makeup first. So I primed my eyes with white base color because I used very bright colors and I want them to pop. I started with mixture of two colors, a yellow one and orange one, and I blend them all over my crease and above the crease as a transition color with a fluffy blending brush. Next I took a red shade and buff it right in my crease with more precise blending brush and then I go back with the first blending brush with the first two shades and blend all that so I don’t have harsh lines. After that goes this beautiful turquoise shade, and I place this shade all over my lid with large shader brush and bring it right in my crease as well  and then I blend it out to darken it up, and I blend it with this red shade. And in the end to make sure that everything is perfect I blend it with transition colors. On my lover lash line I have all this colors as well. But I did all that after I finished with my face. With the transition shade I just run trough my lover lush line and near to my eye lashes I placed this red shade and I blend all that, and on top I put turquoise shade and on my water line I put eyeliner in the same turquoise color. My face makeup routine is same as always, you can do it in your way, what ever you feel comfortable, It’s summer if you have perfect tan you can just use a little bit of bronzer and highlighter, what ever you like. I used my foundation because my tan is not perfect yet, I’m still pale because of the sun screen which I highly recommend. A little bit of concealer and my bronzer to look tan and a lot of highlighter. On my lips I have a light pink-nude shade, you can also use just a lip gloss if you like, but for me this shade was perfect with this look and it’s long lasting so I don’t have to reapply it all over. And the look is done. I love how all turn out and I like this idea to create makeup look that is inspired with cocktails, I will probably do it again with some different cocktail, let me now which cocktail I need to do next, and tell me how you like this look. I hope you all have an amazing week. See you soon. xoxo





Giorgio Armani Illumines silk foundation

Maybelline Fit me concealer light

Mac Give me Sun bronzer

Aura kozmetika City lights highlighter


Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow taupe


Nyx eyeshadows from palette beauty school Dropout Alumni

Essence kajal pancil feel the mary-time 25


Rimmel lip pancil Tiramisu

Maybelline Color Sensational matte lipstick Purely Nude


Peach summer makeup look


Hello beauties, I’m back again with another makeup look for you. It’s finally summer and it’s time for fun colorful makeup looks, so I prepared one for you today. It’s a simple peach look, very easy to do. This look slowly became my go to look, I love how it looks and the peachy shades are very IN this season. So lets begin.

I didn’t use any primer on my face, I just put a moisturizer on my face because I used a BB cream instead of a foundation. It’s very hot outside and I feel my skin don’t need a heavy coverage, but in the same time I’m very satisfied with this BB cream it looks so good on the skin and it has an spf which is very important for you skin especially in the summer when you are exposed to the sun most of the time. After a bb cream I concealed my dark circles with a concealer, and I also used my concealer on my chin, my forehead on the bridge of my nose and on my cupids bow to achieve bigger lip effect. The next step was a bronzer, I used a warm tone bronzer, I just wanted to warm up my skin not to heavy contour it. I was going for a natural glowy look, so you can guess it that the next thing that I used was a highlighter. I love highlighters, and this time I choose a golden one, to compliment my eye makeup. On my eyes I just have two shades, yes just two 🙂 and I like how all turned out. I used eyeshadow primer to make this color pop and on top of that on my outer v and on my inner part of the eye a dark orange eyeshadow and I put two layer to make this color really pop. I blend all this with a light orange shade and on the center of my eyes I put very light shimmery peach eyeshadow, this eyeshadow has golden sparks and it’s really pretty. On my lover lash line I put a dark orange and on my tear dot I used the same highlighter that I used on my face, and I was done with the eyes, really simple, right? I didn’t put any eyelashes because I have eyelash extensions, you can use the style that you like or you can just put the mascara. For this look I choose a pinky-peachy nude lipstick, I don’t know how to describe this color, but you can see in the photos what I mean 🙂 aaand this is the whole look. It’s really simple fresh summer look. I hope you like it, let me know what is your go to look for this summer. I hope you all have a nice day, see you soon. xoxo




Farbasi bb cream medium to dark

Maybelline fit me concealer light

Mac give me sun bronzer

Aura strobing palette


Nyx eyeshadows from palette beauty on the go


L’oreal lip paint Hollywood beige



Glam bithday look

Beauty, Fashion

Hello my lovies 🙂 It is that time of the year, my birthday. You all know those cliché lines like “This is your day.” and “Your birthday is the most special day.” While those are old and we mostly hear them only in teen movies, they’re still true. So it is an important occasion and you deserve all of the attention. You deserve to swipe everyone of their feet, and to glow all night.  Let’s begin with the look! The most important thing for me in this look was to glow, and to look glamorous, so I took a long bath and put my favorite body cream on my body, for this occasion I used a glowing body cream, because of the shimmer especially the golden shimmer gives that illusion that your body have more tan, which is always a good thing. The next thing was to moisturize my face and to start with the makeup. I used a total control foundation from Nyx, in my opinion this foundation is more on the matte side, it’s not totally matte but it’s also not dewy, and because I need my makeup to stay all night and to survive those dance moves, this foundation was a perfect decision for me. Next step was my concealer, I needed to cover those dark circles, I needed to look fresh, not tiered. Also I put a concealer on my nose, forehead and chin to light these arias. I set all this with translucent powder and put my favorite bronzer. To highlight my cheeks I put a lot of highlighter to glow, I just love a lot of highlighter, the more is more for me 😀 I also put highlighter on my cupid bow and on my forehead, under my brow, to the bridge of my nose on my arms and my decollete. Makeup on my eyes is very simple, I put a bone eyeshadow all over my lid, and a light brown shade in my crease just to define them and a highlight shade on my tear dot. I have eyelash extension so I didn’t use any eyelashes, but you can you use them, you can go and choose a style that you like. For my lips a choose a light red color, I love red lips, they make any look so sexy and elegant. And the makeup is done. I put my hair in a bun and I put a lot of gold jewelry. Everything in my opinion goes perfectly whit my little black dress. As I said everything is very simple to achieve. The party can start now 😀 I hope you all have and amazing day, and amazing week. Love you all. xoxo



Nyx total control foundation in medium olive

Nyx Hd concealer in fair

Mac Give me sun bronzer

Aura storbing palette highlighters


Rimmel eyeshadows form palette Magnif’ eyes Keep calm & wear gold (bone and light brown shades)


Nyx suade lipstick in Kitten heels


Scott Barnes Body Bling Platinum lotion


Muave pink makeup look for spring


Hello my beauties, I’m so happy to be here with you again. I had so much going on and I didn’t upload a blog in a while, but I’m here again 😀 For you today I prepared a pinky spring makeup look, it’s easy to achieve this look and it’s not heavy, so it’s perfect for warm spring days. I started with a primer of course, I used one with a matte finish because I used a foundation with dewy finish, and I have combination skin, so this is my little trick If I want my skin to look dewy but to not look oily trough the day, if that make sense 😀 On top of my foundation I put a warm bronzer to bronze up my skin, I didn’t used a contour shades, I just wanted all to look fresh and glowie, so the next product of course was highlighter, I used strobing stick and on top of that to set it just on my cheek bones I put a powder highlighter to achieve that extra glow. If you’re interested in strobing method that I use almost every time, you can check my blog post in which I explaine every step. Let’s move on on the eyes now. I put an eyeshadow primer and I set it with a light pinky nude eyeshadow, this was my base shadow. Next, I mixed two brown shades, a light one and a dark one with my pencil brush and I spread it on mu outer v and on my crease, but not all the way, just on the outer part of my crease, than I blend it very well with my blending brush. Make sure that you blend it well, you want all that to be flawless and perfect. After I finished with eyeshadow, I used a brown eyeliner and I lined my lash line and I smoked it out with a dark brown eyeshadow. I put that same eyeliner on my water line, and on my lover lash line I used dark brown eyeshadow all over it, and I created a little line like I have an eyeliner. After all that I used a little bit of mascara and than I applied my falsies. On my lips I have a nude brown liner, I contoured my lips with it and on the center of the lips I put a light pink nude lipstick… and that is a finish look.  I really hope you like it….  20170506_173639-0120170506_174000-0120170506_174254-0120170506_174255-01

It was such a beautiful day outside and I couldn’t resist to take some photos…


See you in my next post. Xoxo

products used:


Aura pore minimising primer

Aura Take Care of Me foundaion 801

Nyx HD concealer in porcelain

Mac bronzer Give me sun

Maybelline strobing stick

Nyx powder highlighter from contour palette


Aura eyeshadow primer

Nyx single eyeshadow leather and lace(soft pink eyeshadow)

Rimmel magnif’eyes eyeshadow palett 001( light and dark brown shades)

Aura brown elyliner pancil

Maybelline  Lash Sensational mascara

Aura false eyelashes 11


Impala Waterproof lipliner 207

Golden Rose  lipstick 129

Elegant businesses outfit for spring


Hello,  it’s been a crazy month so far, lot’s of traveling and new projects that we will soon share with you. I had some spare time while I’m waiting for the car to arrive, and I did some pictures for you. I will show you how I like to dress for a businesses trip in spring time. The color palette for this look is natural, nothing to crazy, it’s a simple look but on the elegant side. I have a classic, must have white shirt, you can never go wrong with white shirt, it goes perfectly with any look in any season. On top of that I have black west that I paired with a black pants, the reason that I did that is if the day turn out to be really warm I can take off my blazer and still keep this elegant suit look that I need for meetings. For the blazer this time I choose a gray simple one just to add some different shade in this black and white look, you can wear any other color if you want, but I wanted all to be really simple. Accessories for this look or should I say an accessory because I only have tie, an it’s also really simple, a stripes pattern with different shades of gray, black and white. My shoes for this look are elegant black classic shoes and I have my nude-brown travel bag in small size. And that’s it, this is the whole look, as you can see it’s really simple and practical, you have two options in one, because we all know that spring can be tricky and we never now how warm or cold it can be. I hope you like it. See you soon. Enjoy your life…

Italian man style outfit for spring


Hello. Today I’m here with another look for you.. It’s a casual but very styleish outfit, great for spring days. It’s a variation of natural colors. Blue Navy pants are must haves for this time of the year, one of my favorites from the color to the fit. They go perfectly with any other colors like this Ivory blazer and white shirt. Like any outfit though, the accessories took it to the next level. I got to style it up with this amazing silk scarf and handkerchief. I do not have to tell you my opinion about handkerchiefs, scarfs and ties, you probably figure it out by your self that I’m obsessed with them and that I like to wear them in every shape and color. But there are more accessories in this outfit like dark brown belt and brown loafer. Italian style from head to toe, and I love it. I’m ready to go and enjoy this day and drink my favorite cup of coffee. I hope you’ll have a great day too. Enjoy your life.

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Spring makeup look


Hi my beauties. It’s spring, the most beautiful time of the year. Everything is colorful and beautiful, so it’s time for some bright makeup looks. For today I choose a bright pink look for you. The main focus is on the lips, but there is some colors on the eyes to. The skin is glowie and more on the natural side, I put a light coverage foundation, some concealer to cover up my dark circles, a little bit of bronzer to worm up my skin, it’s early spring so I’m still pale, and at the end, the best part, a highlighter to make my skin glowie and fresh. For my eyes I choose a rose gold metallic eyeshadow all over my lid, and on my other v I put some dark brown eyeshadow to give my eyes more dimension, i blend these colors with some light orange shade and I did a vinged eyeliner, as I said eyes are not so simple, I did’t plan to be this way, but I changed it 🙂 To finish my eye look I put some falsies. And the last part are lips, a bright neon pink shade, amazing for this time of the year, it compliments the look perfectly. This look is amazing for any occasion, you can wear it when you like, and you can change the game for the eyes if you want to be more on a natural side. I hope you like it, I had an amazing time creating it. Let me now what you think, see you soon. Xoxo


Maybelline fit me matte and poreless foundation in shade 115

Nyx HD concealer, porcelain

Mac mineralize bronzer, Give me sun

Nyx illuminator in Ritualistic


Rimmel magnif’eyes palette 02- rose gold metallic shade and light orange shade

Essence My must haves single eyeshadow in shade black as a berry

L’oreal black gel eyeliner

Aura false eyelashes 11


Golden rose Long Stay matte liquid lipstick 08


Colorful spring outfit..


Hi. Long time no see. I’ve been absent for a little while, but I’m back now, and I have new outfit for you. Since the spring is here, finally, I decided it time for colorful outfit, perfect for this time of the year. The base is pretty simple, a classic white shirt and black blazer on top, it’s a perfect base and every man have this in his closet, and it goes with everything. For my pants, I choose a dark gray ones, the material is thiner and it’s perfect for this weather. I pair all this with very vivid and colorful tie and handkerchief, amazing print, prefect for spring and summer. Tie and handkerchief are our prodacts, and we are very proud, stay tuned, we have more prepared for you guys 🙂  It’s amazing how a small details can change your whole outfit, and make it fun and so styleish. I hope you like it. See you soon. Enjoy your life and spring

img_6690 (1)img_6691

Winged eyeliner and wearable purple lipstick


Hi babes. Today I’m here with another makeup look for you. It’s sharp winged eyeliner and purple lips. I love purple, but sometimes purple lipstick is not a best choice for day makeup look, so I will show you today how I wear it trough the day. For my face makeup I used my usual technique. Matte foundation, light concealer under my eyes, on my chin, my nose, a little bit of cream contour, as I said in my previous posts, I usually do a cream contour, because I found it more natural, and looks good on a natural light. I also have a dash of highlighter, I used strobing stick on my cheek bones, my nose and my cupid bone. Highlighters are my favorite products for skin. On my eyes, tough day I usually wear only a winged eyeliner or some natural eyeshadows. For todays look I choose sharp winged liner, I used gel eyeliner i find it easier to apply it with very precise eyeliner brush. And on my lips as I said i have purple lipstick, very wearable one, I choose a lighter purple shade, I find it more natural for day makeup, and that the completed look. I love how it looks. Let me know do you like purple lipstick and how you like to wear it! xoxo


Maybelline Fit Me matte and poreless foundation shade 115 and 130

Aura concealer vanilla

L’oreal sculp contour palette

Maybelline strobing stick


L’oreal gel eyeliner


Golden rose matte lipstick 10