Get away with me…


Today was the perfect day to escape from reality. The sun is shining and the sea was calm, so I decided to go to an open see, and visit private hidden tropical beach.
I woke up early, and haded to a dockside to board my ship. The smell of a sea, the sound of water and me in the middle of the sea is the best filling in the world. I really enjoy spending time on a boat, it clears your mind and it gives you that feeling of being present in the moment, to enjoy this second and let things just be..


After half an hour in the open sea we arrived at our destination. A small, tropical beach, the haven on earth. There was an open bar, right in the beach, near the water, so I sat there and order a mojito and my favorite cup of coffee. We stayed there for couple of hours. I love small beaches, they are so clean and peaceful. So i relaxed, and filled my self with positive vibes and energy and at the end of the day I was ready to go back to reality, it’s a special feeling and it’s so amazing that only couple of hours in the sea can help you relax and give you so much energy. It’s so important to have that time for yourself, but sometimes we forget and we overwhelmed our selfs with work and daily obligations. I hope this post will encourage you to take some days off, and go to the beach and relax. Enjoy your life…



Cigarettes, whiskey and wild, wild women..


Old American country song says: ” Cigarettes, whiskey and wild, wild women They’ll drive you crazy, they’ll drive insane”… This is what describes every perfect moment. Moment when nothing is important, when all is about to be present and to enjoy. Coincidence is that today is a birthday of Alexander Walker a son of grand Johnnie Walker and in his honor and in the honor of the end of the week we take a drink of best whiskey… Cheers. Enjoy your life.

 Best moments with cigarillos..


Yes, I’m the biggest fan of cigarillos.. The scent of fine tobacco complements every sense of a born hedonist in certain moment, and then you wait for ardor to shut down, when all of the senses go away you reach for a new one… the feeling it self is amazing… I consider them as my loyal friends, they are always there to fulfill every moment of enjoyment. I read somewhere that the owner one of the most prestigious companies who produce cigarettes smokes only two cigars a day. One with a morning coffee and one around 3pm. How he spends his boring nights I will never understand .. Enjoy your life..

Today’s forecast: 99% chance of wine.. 


The legend says that the perfect wine glasses are the size of the Maria Antoinette’s breasts. When it comes to me I prefere whiskey, wine is for people with a sweeter taste. But from time to time I like to enjoy feeling of glamour and power that wine gives you. If you want to completely enjoy the real taste of wine beside the glasses you need the right temperature. There is a few ways to achive the right tempetaure, and one way that I like to do is described in rule 20/20: Take the white wine out of your refrigerator 20min before serving. Put the red wine in you refrigerator 20min before serving… cheers! Enjoy your life and your wine!

Gambling time


Gambling is like a wild woman, so unpredictable if you do not know well enouge, so exciting in given moment,sometimes harsh.  Cigarettes, whiskey and good poker game have a power  of experienced wild woman.   i love a good game of poker  midweek. Enjoy your life…

Lazy Sunday


Sunday, a day of calm and peace. Weekends are our time to be alone and re-energize. We can get up late, not at the crack of down. Be able to savor a cup of coffee while reading the paper orwatching a favorite tv show… Wasting the day doing nothing. Resting our souls, relaxing our feet. Leave worries for another day… This is the idea of perfect Sunday for us, what is yours? We would love to read your comments, be free to share with us, and have a peaceful day. Love. Beauty and the fashion Beast team.

Saturday morning walk…


20170111_150404jjkThe smell of the fresh cold air in the morning is one of the best feelings. I love my town in this time of the year, when the whole town becomes white and fresh. Hearing your steps in the snow, reminds you that you do leave a mark with every step you take, it gives you clarity and it gives you peace. I enjoy taking walks in every time of the year and the day. I think is very important for us, for our health (both mental and physical) to take some time, release our thoughts and just breathe and walk. Connect with the nature is the best remedy.