Light colors for cold days..



I dare you to wear the bright colors this fall despite the rainy days, to lighten up your surroundings. Today’s look is like always, combination of comfortable and elegant, and my choice are like I said light earth tones. Beige pants and shirt with taupe west and brown tie. My shoes choice is something staple for this season, black Cap Toe Boots, you can wear them with so many outfits, they deliver it every time. Accessories for this look is simple brown leather watch and matching leather working bag. Watches are my favorites and I wear them all the time, you know how the say “Time is money”, and I live by this rule. After I finished choosing my outfit I gave myself a little time to relax before I start my work day …

U inat tmurnim jesenim danjima izaberite svetlije tonove i unesite vedrinu u okolinu koja vas okruzuje .. Moj danasnji look je kao I uvek, kombinacija udobnog I elegantnog, a moj izbor ovog puta su bili svetliji, zemljani tonovi. Krem pantalone i kosulja sa grao prslukom I braon kravatom. Sto se tice obuce, neizbezni hit ove sezone, crne duboke cipele su bile i moj izbor, kako za ovaj tako i za mnogo druge odevne kombinacije ove jeseni/zime. Ceo izgled sam upotpunio braon koznim rucnim satom bez kojeg ne idem nigde, jer vreme je novac, tako barem kazu, a ja se toga slepo drzim i braon koznom poslovnom torbom. Nakon odabrane dnevne kombinacije dopustio sam sebi par trenutaka oduska…


Novine su procitane, jutarnja kafa ispijena, vreme je za nove radne pobede….

The papers are read, morning coffee is finished, it’s time to conquer the day…






Another long night


This is one of those nights when you say to your self “I will just stay in the office and finish this last thing”, but one thing lead to another and the night became very long… I was very tired but in the same time very satisfied that I finished all my work, so I decided to do a post for you, and show you the vibes and the outfit from that night. The outfit is very simple, It doesn’t have to much layers just dark blue west with the dark blue trousers and white shirt that became the main thing in most of my outfits. Brown Casio watch was the perfect match with my brown planner, they were the most handful and important thing that whole night, but overall everything was done and for me there is nothing better than time well spent. Enjoy your life.


Ovo je jedna od onih noci kada se nakupi posla pa ono “hajde da zavrsim jos nesto” vas odvede duboko u noc.. U mom macbook- u me je toga dana cekalo brdo posla, ali me to nije omelo da uklopim savrsen look.. Za ovaj tezak i izuzetno dug dan ja sam izabrao nijansu tamno plavog prsluka koji sam ukombinovao sa istom bojom pantalona i cipela.. Bela kosulja je uvek ok i sastavni je deo skoro svakog mog look-a ..Braon casio sat je pratio braon rokovnik od koga se nisam odvajao.. I tako do sitnih sati..



An office look


The season of vacations is over, it’s time to go back to real life and to start our working obligations. So, for today’s post I choose and outfit ideal for fall and business. My choice for begging of this season is a dark gray jacket with dark gray slim fit jeans, black west and light blue shirt. The shoes are cobalt blue with brown heal, the bag has the same colors, cobalt blue bag with brown stripe in the middle and brown leather hand watch. Everything is comfortable and very sophisticated, very appropriate for businesses. I hope you all have successful season. Enjoy your life.


Sezona odmora je gotova, vreme je da se vratimo poslovnim obavezama. Shodno tome, u ovom blogu vam pretstavljamu “A office look” koji je u skladu sa jesenjim vremenskim uslovima. Za pocetak radne sezone ja sam se odlucio za tamno sivi sako  sa tamno sivim slim fit farmerkama i meni neizbeznim prslukom kao i svetlo plavom kosuljom koju prate plave cipele. Cipele imaju braon detalje koji se savrseno uklapaju sa torbom i satom.. Sve je skladno, udobno i otmeno. Nova poslovna sezona moze da pocne.. Enjoy your life


Mediterranean style


I can feel the heat as a type this. It’s so nice here and I really enjoy every minute of it. This trip was not long time planed, it came out of nowhere but I’m so glad that I decided to come here. I’m currently in Monte Negro, relaxing and enjoying my vacation. There are so many beautiful places here so I needed to share my experience with you and show you my favorite Summer outfits. So I’ll share with place where I stay. This place has an amazing view of the ocean. Everything looks so relaxing from here, I could stay here forever.

An outfit for today is very light , ideal for Summer. It’s very comfortable and you can explore and still be in style. White shirt is a must have, and I paired it with beige trousers and dark brown loafers. There is also a fedora hat to protect you from the sun and to complete your Mediterranean style.

IMG_7806nmjkIMG_7781jmkmmIMG_7735 (1)m,mIMG_7768jkkkIMG_7731jkmnIMG_7767n,l, mIMG_7742mk,mkIMG_7782jhjhIMG_7797hhhjh

Stay tuned there will be more summer looks for you, I plan to explore more and show you beauty of Monte Negro. Enjoy your summer. Enjoy your life.


Glam bithday look

Beauty, Fashion

Hello my lovies 🙂 It is that time of the year, my birthday. You all know those cliché lines like “This is your day.” and “Your birthday is the most special day.” While those are old and we mostly hear them only in teen movies, they’re still true. So it is an important occasion and you deserve all of the attention. You deserve to swipe everyone of their feet, and to glow all night.  Let’s begin with the look! The most important thing for me in this look was to glow, and to look glamorous, so I took a long bath and put my favorite body cream on my body, for this occasion I used a glowing body cream, because of the shimmer especially the golden shimmer gives that illusion that your body have more tan, which is always a good thing. The next thing was to moisturize my face and to start with the makeup. I used a total control foundation from Nyx, in my opinion this foundation is more on the matte side, it’s not totally matte but it’s also not dewy, and because I need my makeup to stay all night and to survive those dance moves, this foundation was a perfect decision for me. Next step was my concealer, I needed to cover those dark circles, I needed to look fresh, not tiered. Also I put a concealer on my nose, forehead and chin to light these arias. I set all this with translucent powder and put my favorite bronzer. To highlight my cheeks I put a lot of highlighter to glow, I just love a lot of highlighter, the more is more for me 😀 I also put highlighter on my cupid bow and on my forehead, under my brow, to the bridge of my nose on my arms and my decollete. Makeup on my eyes is very simple, I put a bone eyeshadow all over my lid, and a light brown shade in my crease just to define them and a highlight shade on my tear dot. I have eyelash extension so I didn’t use any eyelashes, but you can you use them, you can go and choose a style that you like. For my lips a choose a light red color, I love red lips, they make any look so sexy and elegant. And the makeup is done. I put my hair in a bun and I put a lot of gold jewelry. Everything in my opinion goes perfectly whit my little black dress. As I said everything is very simple to achieve. The party can start now 😀 I hope you all have and amazing day, and amazing week. Love you all. xoxo



Nyx total control foundation in medium olive

Nyx Hd concealer in fair

Mac Give me sun bronzer

Aura storbing palette highlighters


Rimmel eyeshadows form palette Magnif’ eyes Keep calm & wear gold (bone and light brown shades)


Nyx suade lipstick in Kitten heels


Scott Barnes Body Bling Platinum lotion


Elegant businesses outfit for spring


Hello,  it’s been a crazy month so far, lot’s of traveling and new projects that we will soon share with you. I had some spare time while I’m waiting for the car to arrive, and I did some pictures for you. I will show you how I like to dress for a businesses trip in spring time. The color palette for this look is natural, nothing to crazy, it’s a simple look but on the elegant side. I have a classic, must have white shirt, you can never go wrong with white shirt, it goes perfectly with any look in any season. On top of that I have black west that I paired with a black pants, the reason that I did that is if the day turn out to be really warm I can take off my blazer and still keep this elegant suit look that I need for meetings. For the blazer this time I choose a gray simple one just to add some different shade in this black and white look, you can wear any other color if you want, but I wanted all to be really simple. Accessories for this look or should I say an accessory because I only have tie, an it’s also really simple, a stripes pattern with different shades of gray, black and white. My shoes for this look are elegant black classic shoes and I have my nude-brown travel bag in small size. And that’s it, this is the whole look, as you can see it’s really simple and practical, you have two options in one, because we all know that spring can be tricky and we never now how warm or cold it can be. I hope you like it. See you soon. Enjoy your life…

Italian man style outfit for spring


Hello. Today I’m here with another look for you.. It’s a casual but very styleish outfit, great for spring days. It’s a variation of natural colors. Blue Navy pants are must haves for this time of the year, one of my favorites from the color to the fit. They go perfectly with any other colors like this Ivory blazer and white shirt. Like any outfit though, the accessories took it to the next level. I got to style it up with this amazing silk scarf and handkerchief. I do not have to tell you my opinion about handkerchiefs, scarfs and ties, you probably figure it out by your self that I’m obsessed with them and that I like to wear them in every shape and color. But there are more accessories in this outfit like dark brown belt and brown loafer. Italian style from head to toe, and I love it. I’m ready to go and enjoy this day and drink my favorite cup of coffee. I hope you’ll have a great day too. Enjoy your life.

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Colorful spring outfit..


Hi. Long time no see. I’ve been absent for a little while, but I’m back now, and I have new outfit for you. Since the spring is here, finally, I decided it time for colorful outfit, perfect for this time of the year. The base is pretty simple, a classic white shirt and black blazer on top, it’s a perfect base and every man have this in his closet, and it goes with everything. For my pants, I choose a dark gray ones, the material is thiner and it’s perfect for this weather. I pair all this with very vivid and colorful tie and handkerchief, amazing print, prefect for spring and summer. Tie and handkerchief are our prodacts, and we are very proud, stay tuned, we have more prepared for you guys 🙂  It’s amazing how a small details can change your whole outfit, and make it fun and so styleish. I hope you like it. See you soon. Enjoy your life and spring

img_6690 (1)img_6691

Woman’s day outfit


Hello my beauties ❤ Happy international woman’s day. I want you to know that you’re extremely strong, you have the power and you can do what ever you want. I thought that for today post I can show you what I wore today. I choose chic outfit, black and grey combination. I have my Miso grey turtle neck shirt dress with my leather jacket, the jacket has a lot of details, it has double zippers and zippers at the sides so you can ajuste it. I made it smaller on the sides because I think it looks more chick with this dress 🙂 On my feet I have long sock boots and fishnet socks. It goes perfectly with this look. I have very small amount of jewelry, just earrings and ring that I always wear. Makeup is also very natural I didn’t want to over do it,  because the styling it self is very chick and speaks for it self. Enjoy. I hope you like it. See you in my next post. Xoxo

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black & white..


The middle of the week is getting closer, there are more and more obligations to be done until the end of the week, but that don’t stop us to be stylish and to face all that with great fashion style. These days I lean on more to black color, I have that kind of periods when black color is necessary. So for todays look i choose combination of black and white, combination of elegance and power. There is white shirt, necessary and most useful thing in everyones wardrobe and black sweater on top. Nice detail like black tie, goes perfectly with this combination, it gives nice touch to the look. The black shoes and black leather watch with the black pants are there to complete the look> I think everyone looks good in black and with black you can never be wrong, you’re always ready to face all and still look good. We are ready to conquer. Enjoy your life…