Light colors for cold days..

  I dare you to wear the bright colors this fall despite the rainy days, to lighten up your surroundings. Today’s look is like always, combination of comfortable and elegant, and my choice are like I said light earth tones. Beige pants and shirt with taupe west and brown tie. My shoes choice is something […]

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Another long night

This is one of those nights when you say to your self “I will just stay in the office and finish this last thing”, but one thing lead to another and the night became very long… I was very tired but in the same time very satisfied that I finished all my work, so I […]

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An office look

The season of vacations is over, it’s time to go back to real life and to start our working obligations. So, for today’s post I choose and outfit ideal for fall and business. My choice for begging of this season is a dark gray jacket with dark gray slim fit jeans, black west and light […]

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Mediterranean style

I can feel the heat as a type this. It’s so nice here and I really enjoy every minute of it. This trip was not long time planed, it came out of nowhere but I’m so glad that I decided to come here. I’m currently in Monte Negro, relaxing and enjoying my vacation. There are so […]

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Glam bithday look

Hello my lovies 🙂 It is that time of the year, my birthday. You all know those cliché lines like “This is your day.” and “Your birthday is the most special day.” While those are old and we mostly hear them only in teen movies, they’re still true. So it is an important occasion and you […]

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Elegant businesses outfit for spring

Hello,  it’s been a crazy month so far, lot’s of traveling and new projects that we will soon share with you. I had some spare time while I’m waiting for the car to arrive, and I did some pictures for you. I will show you how I like to dress for a businesses trip in […]

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Italian man style outfit for spring

Hello. Today I’m here with another look for you.. It’s a casual but very styleish outfit, great for spring days. It’s a variation of natural colors. Blue Navy pants are must haves for this time of the year, one of my favorites from the color to the fit. They go perfectly with any other colors […]

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