Another long night

This is one of those nights when you say to your self “I will just stay in the office and finish this last thing”, but one thing lead to another and the night became very long… I was very tired but in the same time very satisfied that I finished all my work, so I decided to do a post for you, and show you the vibes and the outfit from that night. The outfit is very simple, It doesn’t have to much layers just dark blue west with the dark blue trousers and white shirt that became the main thing in most of my outfits. Brown Casio watch was the perfect match with my brown planner, they were the most handful and important thing that whole night, but overall everything was done and for me there is nothing better than time well spent. Enjoy your life.


Ovo je jedna od onih noci kada se nakupi posla pa ono “hajde da zavrsim jos nesto” vas odvede duboko u noc.. U mom macbook- u me je toga dana cekalo brdo posla, ali me to nije omelo da uklopim savrsen look.. Za ovaj tezak i izuzetno dug dan ja sam izabrao nijansu tamno plavog prsluka koji sam ukombinovao sa istom bojom pantalona i cipela.. Bela kosulja je uvek ok i sastavni je deo skoro svakog mog look-a ..Braon casio sat je pratio braon rokovnik od koga se nisam odvajao.. I tako do sitnih sati..




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