Blue lagoon makeup look

Hello mu lovies! It’s summer, best time of the year. The sun is shining, everything is bright and fun. Summer is the best time for pool parties and parties in general. So I was inspired to create a fun look, and my inspiration came from cocktails, blue lagoon in general. It’s super fun and bright and you can match your makeup with your drink, cool, right? I started this look with eye makeup first. So I primed my eyes with white base color because I used very bright colors and I want them to pop. I started with mixture of two colors, a yellow one and orange one, and I blend them all over my crease and above the crease as a transition color with a fluffy blending brush. Next I took a red shade and buff it right in my crease with more precise blending brush and then I go back with the first blending brush with the first two shades and blend all that so I don’t have harsh lines. After that goes this beautiful turquoise shade, and I place this shade all over my lid with large shader brush and bring it right in my crease as well  and then I blend it out to darken it up, and I blend it with this red shade. And in the end to make sure that everything is perfect I blend it with transition colors. On my lover lash line I have all this colors as well. But I did all that after I finished with my face. With the transition shade I just run trough my lover lush line and near to my eye lashes I placed this red shade and I blend all that, and on top I put turquoise shade and on my water line I put eyeliner in the same turquoise color. My face makeup routine is same as always, you can do it in your way, what ever you feel comfortable, It’s summer if you have perfect tan you can just use a little bit of bronzer and highlighter, what ever you like. I used my foundation because my tan is not perfect yet, I’m still pale because of the sun screen which I highly recommend. A little bit of concealer and my bronzer to look tan and a lot of highlighter. On my lips I have a light pink-nude shade, you can also use just a lip gloss if you like, but for me this shade was perfect with this look and it’s long lasting so I don’t have to reapply it all over. And the look is done. I love how all turn out and I like this idea to create makeup look that is inspired with cocktails, I will probably do it again with some different cocktail, let me now which cocktail I need to do next, and tell me how you like this look. I hope you all have an amazing week. See you soon. xoxo





Giorgio Armani Illumines silk foundation

Maybelline Fit me concealer light

Mac Give me Sun bronzer

Aura kozmetika City lights highlighter


Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow taupe


Nyx eyeshadows from palette beauty school Dropout Alumni

Essence kajal pancil feel the mary-time 25


Rimmel lip pancil Tiramisu

Maybelline Color Sensational matte lipstick Purely Nude



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