Elegant businesses outfit for spring

Hello,  it’s been a crazy month so far, lot’s of traveling and new projects that we will soon share with you. I had some spare time while I’m waiting for the car to arrive, and I did some pictures for you. I will show you how I like to dress for a businesses trip in spring time. The color palette for this look is natural, nothing to crazy, it’s a simple look but on the elegant side. I have a classic, must have white shirt, you can never go wrong with white shirt, it goes perfectly with any look in any season. On top of that I have black west that I paired with a black pants, the reason that I did that is if the day turn out to be really warm I can take off my blazer and still keep this elegant suit look that I need for meetings. For the blazer this time I choose a gray simple one just to add some different shade in this black and white look, you can wear any other color if you want, but I wanted all to be really simple. Accessories for this look or should I say an accessory because I only have tie, an it’s also really simple, a stripes pattern with different shades of gray, black and white. My shoes for this look are elegant black classic shoes and I have my nude-brown travel bag in small size. And that’s it, this is the whole look, as you can see it’s really simple and practical, you have two options in one, because we all know that spring can be tricky and we never now how warm or cold it can be. I hope you like it. See you soon. Enjoy your life…


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