Italian man style outfit for spring

Hello. Today I’m here with another look for you.. It’s a casual but very styleish outfit, great for spring days. It’s a variation of natural colors. Blue Navy pants are must haves for this time of the year, one of my favorites from the color to the fit. They go perfectly with any other colors like this Ivory blazer and white shirt. Like any outfit though, the accessories took it to the next level. I got to style it up with this amazing silk scarf and handkerchief. I do not have to tell you my opinion about handkerchiefs, scarfs and ties, you probably figure it out by your self that I’m obsessed with them and that I like to wear them in every shape and color. But there are more accessories in this outfit like dark brown belt and brown loafer. Italian style from head to toe, and I love it. I’m ready to go and enjoy this day and drink my favorite cup of coffee. I hope you’ll have a great day too. Enjoy your life.

Picture 051hsosnjsl

Picture 048hoholPicture 055vfpdkdpsPicture 052rdjfofPicture 046jfofjfPicture 042jojlo


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