Must have accessories in mans fashion

Hi. For today’s post I decided to do something different. I choose to show you my essentials in mans fashion. For me this things are very important, and they complete every look. I divided them in groups and each group has 3 items.

The first group are watches, I choose two classic ones and one casual. I think that the black leather watch is must have, it goes with everything. The other one is brown leather watch and he is a great substitute for black one, if your wardrobe have more warm tome items. The last one is orange sport watch, the color is out of my comfort zone but it’s perfect to complete sport looks, and it looks fun and stylish. In sports wear i think if you choose to wear accessories the best thing is that you go with the colorful ones.

For the second group I choose to show you my must have ties. I think ties are very important, they make every look stylish and elegant. They are very classy item. I have three ties for you here today, and I think that these three ties are must have, and even if I own a lot of ties, these ones are the ones that I always go back to. 
Third group is the most fun group and my favorite one. 

Handkerchief… for me such an important detail. And I have my go to, my favorite ones for you right here.

And the last but not least group here are bags. I love man bags, they are very useful and also very important. I have three types of  bags here for you.

I hope you like it. See you in my next post. Enjoy your life.


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