Brazilian makeup technique

Hi beauties! I’m back! I’m here today with new make up look. It’s Brazilian eye makeup technique. I found this technique online and i fell in love with it. It’s really nice for evening, for parties or for special occasions if you do it with more bold colors ๐Ÿ™‚ ย FOr today post I used warm colors and i really love how this look turn out. First I started with a base, you want a clear base because you will use light colors also. So when the base is ready, I took the first color, the orange one, and i started buffing it on a crease, and on the outer v, you don’t need to be very precise. The next color is dark brown i started buffing this color focusing more on exact crease. the next step is white color. First you want to clear the sopt where the white color will go, you can do it with a white cream eyeshadow, or with a concealer, ย clear nice all the way to the crease. When you finish tap a white color on top of it, and put a little bit of glitter, it’s optional you don’t need to if you do not want to ๐Ÿ™‚ When you’re done with the white, go back to a orange color and place it on the half of your lid, slowly going near to outer part. You create the hombre effect. When you finish with orange, you want to do you eyeliner, I used gel. I created a wing, and when you place your eyeliner, you go back with a dark brown and smoke it on the outer v ๐Ÿ™‚ In the end I finish with a fake eyelashes and i started my face. First like always i primed my skin, and then a put foundation, concealer, contour, I first used cream contour then powder one, i wanted my skin to match my face, it’s not such a light makeup look, but also not so heavy. I used i little bit of blush and a lot of highlight ๐Ÿ™‚ On my lips a have a combo of two colors, I mixed brown color with a red one ๐Ÿ™‚ This is it, I hope you like it! Xoxo


Primer: Smash box photo finish HD primer

Eyeshadows: Nyx beauty on the go palette

Eyeliner: L’oreal gel eyeliner

Glitter: I used white one, I don’t know the brend, you can use whatever brand you want or have.

Lashes: Aura 11


primer: Maybelline baby skin

Foundation: L’oreal true match Golden Beige

Contour cream: L’oreal sculpt

Contour powder: Nyx contour palette

Blush: Maybelline fit me Deep muave

Highligher: Catrice High glow

Lips: Nyx Lingerie Teddy and Nyx Suade Kitten Heels



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