Another secret places..


Hi everyone, I’m back again and I decided to revel to you some of my secret places. A place where I go when I want to escape from my obligations, from work and people in general. It’s a place near water, a lake near to my home town. It’s very peaceful and relaxing. There is a hotel where I go and drink my coffee, they have amazing balcony where I like to sit in the summer and watch the water and enjoy beauty of the nature… I could sit here and talk to you about this place for hours, but the weekend comes to an end, and it is time to pack my bags, and go back to reality. It’s time for city madness. So I put an outfit and I did some photos for you and I took a moment to look at this beauty once again before leaving. I don’t want to leave but I’m happy because I had an amazing time, and I feel relaxed and ready to go for new adventures. I hope you enjoyed your weekend too. See you in my next post.. Enjoy your life



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