Double cut crease makeup


Hi…I’m here today with a dramatic makeup look. Main focus is on the eyes, the rest of the face it’s pretty usual. it’s cat eye shape, double cut crease with warm colors. To begin with I prep my eyes with a concealer, I applied it with my finger all over my eyelid to the brow bone. It’s a thick layer, I wanted to cover all the natural colors of the eye and I set all this so it doesn’t move. The way how we gonna do this is basically the same way I would normally do my crease, starting with the lightest shade and slowly getting darker, just try to stay a little higher, very close to the brow. Just layer the color until you get nice dark warm shade, with every color you go you want to stay near the crease. When that is done, I used a white eye base on a flat brush and I spread all that all over my eyelid, creating nice line for my cut crease. Next I used matte eyeshadows, first one was white, and I basically set the base color with the eyeshadow. With the makeup remover, I cleaned up the edges of the eye, to help me with the eyeliner and to look all clear and nice. With a black eyeliner I created a wing and I slowly fill it with a black eyeshadow, then with a darker brown and then with an orange eyeshadow like the hombre effect and to look like you have a double cut crease. Finish touch to my eyes were fake eyelashes, and I put a little bit of mascara on the bottom lashes. My skin is the usual routine. Foundation, concealer, cream contour on top of that powder bronzer and yellow powder to set my concealer, a little bit of blush and of course highlighter. On my lips, I have nude color matte lipstick, I wanted them simple, because this look is all about the eyes. I really love how all turned out. I’m open to any suggestions, be free to comment and let me see what you want to see next. Have a great day! xoxo


Maybelline Fit me Matte & Poreless  foundation 220

Nyx HD concealer Fair 02

L’oreal Infallible Sculpt cream contour and highlight

Nyx contour pallete powder( yellow shade under my eyes and bronze colors)

Sephora apricot sheen blush

Mac highlighter Luna Luster


Makeup geek eyeshadows (creme brulee, morocco ,latte, coco bear, corrupt )

Nyx White eyeshadow Base

L’oreal Black gel eyeliner

Aura fake eyelashes 06

Maybelline Big Eyes mascara


Lip liner Brooklin 215

Nyx matte liquid lipstick London



5 thoughts on “Double cut crease makeup

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