Business trip look.. 

It’s nice when in the middle of the week, when your creativity slowly starts to fade, something happen and you find yourself in a business trip, you change your surroundings and you experience something new. And on top of that you have a sun. Before obligations come in first place, and before all the madness of a trip, like always I will share with you my outfit. It’s a combination of 2 colors, very simple and sophisticated. I have grey suit with black turtleneck, black shoes and of course black coat, it’s still cold here don’t let the sun fool you… To spice all that and to break that monotony of colors I put colorful handkerchief, it’s such a nice detail. I also have my sunnies on and my traveling bag, and a lot of kilometer ahead. So, I better get going. Have a nice week, see you in my next post.. Enjoy your life…


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