Glam rose gold makeup look

Processed with VSCO

Hello my beauties! Here is another makeup look for you. It’s a full glam make up look, but with some flirty shades which make it romantic, it’s ideal for Valentine’s day. I started with eyes, first with a yellowish base color and I spread it all over my lid and under my brows to cover all and to have nice base for my shadows. And then with a firm blending brush I took a light brown shade and buff that into crease to have more dimension. With the same brush go with the darker brown shade and add that color into the outer v and blend it well. Then I add metallic rose gold eyeshadow all over the eye lid. Then again with the blending brush add darker brown in the outer v and trough the crease as well slowly building up the color. Buff the edges well make sure that all is nice and blended. And then moving on with the pencil brush I’m taking the black color and putting it on the outer v, slowly build the black color because you don’t want to mess it up, take your time.. and then go again with that firm blending brush and buff it up also in the crease but on the very other v. The next step is eyeliner, I wanted to do a winged eyeliner and I used gel. Then I put the eyeliner on the water line also and black eyeshadow on the lover lash line. I put some fake lashes and the eyes are done. For my skin I started with a primer, and then I put a foundation and blend it with my beauty blender, next I put a concealer under my eyes, on my nose, chin and forehead and blend it with a beauty blender also . On top of that I set the concealer with a yellow powder and I bronze my face a little bit because I’m very pale 😀 For contour I used powder and I did stronger contour this time, but not too much. I put a very small amount of pink blush and a lot of highlighter, I’m a big fan of highlighters 🙂 On my lips I have pink nude matte lipstick and on top of that I sparkly lip gloss. And that’s the finished look. I hope you like it, it’s very pretty and girly! xoxo

Face :

Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer

Aura Take Care Of Me foundation 801

Aura Correct Me concealer 301

Nyx Contour palette (yellow shade for setting concealer and dark brown shade for contour)

Mac Mineralize Bronzer

Maybelline Fit me blush Light Rose

Farmasi Iluminati On Silver Highlighter


L’oreal La Palette Nude 02 ( all brown matte shades, and black shade)

Max Factor Masterpiece palette Rose nude ( Rose metallic shade)

L’oreal black Gel eyeliner

Aura fake eyelashes 06


Essence lip liner 05

Nyx Matte liquid lipstick London

Victoria’s Secret Lip Silk Sheer gloss Sparkling


Processed with VSCOProcessed with VSCOProcessed with VSCOProcessed with VSCOProcessed with VSCOProcessed with VSCO


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