Another business day..

Nikola Tesla once said „A man is born to work, to suffer and to fight; he who doesn’t, must perish.” This became my motto through life, because my needs are big, and I like to dream big, and I also know if I want to achieve all of that I need to work hard. So for today post I decided to share with you what I like to wear when i go to work in this cold days. First things are white shirt with light blue stripes and black pants, this is my base, and I feel comfortable wearing this, I will spend a lot of hours in my work so I want to feel comfortable. On top of that I have dark brown coat and black shoes, with a details like my brown hand watch and brown bag where I keep my ipad, my phone and all things that I need for this day. And that is all my friend I’m ready to conquer.. Enjoy your life..


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