Smoked out wing-Cat eye makeup look


Hello beauties. I’m back with another makeup look for you. I’ve been using this technique very often lately because I love the way it looks, and once you get in the routine you can do it very quick. It’s all about that cat eye look, it’s very sexy and sultry. You can skip the part with the lashes and add mascara, this look it self gives you that nice almondy shape. First I picked up dark orange shade whit a small detail eyeshadow brush and I started in the center of my lower lashline and fallow the line up to my brows, this was my guide, in that way I created a winged liner line and all the other shades just fallow that. Bring the shadow down in slow motion moves, blend it and create a winged liner, don’t be afraid to mess it up you can easy wipe away anything that you don’t like. Next pick up a dark brown shade and do the exact same thing that you just did only keep it closer to the lash line, so you don’t cover up entirely the orange shade. You want to create that fade look.. The next thing is a little trick that I love to do to create that cat eye look. I find thin liner brush, and a dark brown eyeliner or a black one, in this case I used a black one and create a line in the inner corner of your eyes, follow the tear dot and make a little triangle in the inner corner, and you have that cat eye shape. On top of that put a little bit of that orange shade just to smudge it up a little. Put the mascara or the fake lasher, and your eyes are done. For my face I used a L’oreal Infallibe matte foundation, concealer, and everything that you use for a face, little bit of contour, highlight, and blush. You lnow the drill 🙂 For my lips I used a nice pinky nude shade, to make this look also girly and pretty. I’m very happy with this look, I hope you like it! Xoxo


L’oreal Infallible matte foundation Vanilla (11)

Nyx HD concealer porcelain

Nyx contour palette Bronzer and hihglighter


Nyx Beauty on the go palette (orange shade)

Gosh cosmetics Smokey nudes palette (dark brown shade)

L’oreal gel eyeliner

Aura eyelashes 02


Aura liquid matte combo 01 and 02



2 thoughts on “Smoked out wing-Cat eye makeup look

  1. I love how you use everyday affordable makeup and easy tips to give people! High end are products not everyone can afford but mostly 70% of youtubers even, use all high end products mostly..not to mention the same ones with discounts! Agh, keep it girl! Great blogger!

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