How to: Strobing/highlighting makeup technique.

Hi guys, I’m here today with a strobing technique. Strobing is just intense highlighting, it’s layering highlights on top of each other to give your face really intense glow. Starting of with a cream, because when you first start with a cream everything sticks to it more. My favorite to use is by Farmasi ( Illuminate me silver) or Maybelline (strobing stick) and what I like about these highlighters is that they give you nice sheen so when you move looks very healthy not super sparkly. I use my finger to apply it, ring finger, it gives me control and light pressure. Next, we move on to where you want to put you highlights, and basically you apply it where the light hits your face, above brow bone, on your cheek bone, also on the bridge of your nose, your chin, every part you want to come forward. When you give yourself a base highlighter, it all looks dewy because it’s a cream highlighter. You want to keep going an intensified a little bit more using powder highlighters, you can use a mix of highlighters or one of your favorite powder highlight. For powders I use brush, it’s usually a fen brush. This is going to intensified but also it’s gonna set that cream for you. For the last step to strobing is hitting those arias you want the most intense highlight. We have nice sheen, nice glowy, dewy look, but with the final step we want to hit the top of cheek bones, on the brow bone, inner corner of your eyes, tip of your nose, cupid’s bow, you want these highlights to really stand out and pop. So for this step you want to use also powder highlight but really intense one, or if you don’t have more than one, you can you the same one and layer it on top. These is pretty much it, I love how it look, it gives you that healthy look, nice glow to your skin, it’s very youthful. I hope you find this useful, let me know what you think about it. See you in my next post! xoxo


Another secret places..

Hi everyone, I’m back again and I decided to revel to you some of my secret places. A place where I go when I want to escape from my obligations, from work and people in general. It’s a place near water, a lake near to my home town. It’s very peaceful and relaxing. There is a hotel where I go and drink my coffee, they have amazing balcony where I like to sit in the summer and watch the water and enjoy beauty of the nature… I could sit here and talk to you about this place for hours, but the weekend comes to an end, and it is time to pack my bags, and go back to reality. It’s time for city madness. So I put an outfit and I did some photos for you and I took a moment to look at this beauty once again before leaving. I don’t want to leave but I’m happy because I had an amazing time, and I feel relaxed and ready to go for new adventures. I hope you enjoyed your weekend too. See you in my next post.. Enjoy your life


Double cut crease makeup

Hi…I’m here today with a dramatic makeup look. Main focus is on the eyes, the rest of the face it’s pretty usual. it’s cat eye shape, double cut crease with warm colors. To begin with I prep my eyes with a concealer, I applied it with my finger all over my eyelid to the brow bone. It’s a thick layer, I wanted to cover all the natural colors of the eye and I set all this so it doesn’t move. The way how we gonna do this is basically the same way I would normally do my crease, starting with the lightest shade and slowly getting darker, just try to stay a little higher, very close to the brow. Just layer the color until you get nice dark warm shade, with every color you go you want to stay near the crease. When that is done, I used a white eye base on a flat brush and I spread all that all over my eyelid, creating nice line for my cut crease. Next I used matte eyeshadows, first one was white, and I basically set the base color with the eyeshadow. With the makeup remover, I cleaned up the edges of the eye, to help me with the eyeliner and to look all clear and nice. With a black eyeliner I created a wing and I slowly fill it with a black eyeshadow, then with a darker brown and then with an orange eyeshadow like the hombre effect and to look like you have a double cut crease. Finish touch to my eyes were fake eyelashes, and I put a little bit of mascara on the bottom lashes. My skin is the usual routine. Foundation, concealer, cream contour on top of that powder bronzer and yellow powder to set my concealer, a little bit of blush and of course highlighter. On my lips, I have nude color matte lipstick, I wanted them simple, because this look is all about the eyes. I really love how all turned out. I’m open to any suggestions, be free to comment and let me see what you want to see next. Have a great day! xoxo


Maybelline Fit me Matte & Poreless  foundation 220

Nyx HD concealer Fair 02

L’oreal Infallible Sculpt cream contour and highlight

Nyx contour pallete powder( yellow shade under my eyes and bronze colors)

Sephora apricot sheen blush

Mac highlighter Luna Luster


Makeup geek eyeshadows (creme brulee, morocco ,latte, coco bear, corrupt )

Nyx White eyeshadow Base

L’oreal Black gel eyeliner

Aura fake eyelashes 06

Maybelline Big Eyes mascara


Lip liner Brooklin 215

Nyx matte liquid lipstick London


Business trip look.. 

It’s nice when in the middle of the week, when your creativity slowly starts to fade, something happen and you find yourself in a business trip, you change your surroundings and you experience something new. And on top of that you have a sun. Before obligations come in first place, and before all the madness of a trip, like always I will share with you my outfit. It’s a combination of 2 colors, very simple and sophisticated. I have grey suit with black turtleneck, black shoes and of course black coat, it’s still cold here don’t let the sun fool you… To spice all that and to break that monotony of colors I put colorful handkerchief, it’s such a nice detail. I also have my sunnies on and my traveling bag, and a lot of kilometer ahead. So, I better get going. Have a nice week, see you in my next post.. Enjoy your life…

Street look


Hi everyone! Today I’m here with a street style outfit. It’s a casual one, very simple but also girly. I choose my favorite suede fold over knee high leather boots. They are very comfortable even if they are not flat, i can go everywhere in them and feel nice and feminine.. To match this I choose suede scarf, it keeps me warm and fuzzy and match boots perfectly. I also have my light blue jeans and inevitable black coat. I think for winter coats are must have and every women need them, because they are warm but nice looking, you don’t look like a snowman in them, but they do their jobs, ya know 🙂 For accessories I have my black sunnies and black hand bag. You can wear this everywhere and feel comfortable. I wear this kind of looks very often, I hope you like it.. See you in my next post! Xoxo


14. February- Valentine’s day, the most beautiful day in a year, a day of love and wine..

 It’s Valentine’s day, the most beautiful day in a year, a day when we celebrate love. The day when you drink wine and enjoy company with your valentine. This year I have planned nice diner, I picked amazing restaurant with Italian food and the outfit for tonight must go well with the ambience. So, I choose inevitable most elegant and simple shirt in white, grey blazer with sorter sleeves and classic grey pants. I put nice but not to extravagate accessories like grey tie and simple black leather watch and black shoes. The whole outfit is simple and elegant and it’s perfect for this occasion. All the other things that I need will be smile of my date, the nice food and great wine. I need to go now and pick some beautiful flowers. I hope all goes well and I hope you’ll have a great day too. Enjoy life…

Sexy Valentine’s day makeup look…

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Hello my beauties. Today I decided to do another Valentine’s day makeup look for you. The first one was more girly and romantic and this one is more sexy and sultry 🙂 I created golden smokey eye look with touch of orange. First, I put a primer all over my eyelid and base yellowish color. Then I put golden eyeshadow and I smoked it with a grey-brown eyeshadow. I blend all very well with a clean blending brush and then I put orange eyeshadow on my lover lash line. I highlighted my tear dot with highlighter and on my brow bone I put highlight matte shade from my eyeshadow palette and put my falsies on 🙂 On my skin I have all the usual. Foundation, concealer, contour, blush and highlighter. And on my lips I put orange matte lipstick to match my lover lash line J I put my hair in a bun and left my bangs down, to make this look a little bit messy. I space all that with sexy burgundy bralette and black suit and black high heels. I didn’t take a picture of entire look 😦 but this is about make up, I will do it in a next post if you’re interested. Let me know… I hope you like it! xoxo


L’oreal Infallible Foundation Vanilla

Nyx HD concealer porcelain

L’oreal Infallible sculpt contour and highlight palette

Nyx Bronzer, Highlighter (white one) and Blush (pink ) From Beauty on the go palette


Makeup geek single eyeshadows ( Morocco (orange shade), Mocha (grey-brown shade) , Gold Diger ( gold shade)

Aura False eyelashes 06


Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick 109

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset